Portage breaks out in song!

Portage breaks out in song!

“I’m not questioning it…I’m going with the flow,” said local musician Terry Human when asked if somehow Portage la Prairie has broken out in song.

Human – an accomplished and well known Portage musician – has lately been heard playing guitar in some of the darndest places. Along with Tom Howe and various musical friends, Human was part of the first acoustic Coffee Shop on Feb. 3 in the Portage La Prairie Regional Library. The same circle of friends can frequently be heard in the hallway outside of the Glesby Centre. “The acoustics in here are incredible,” said Howe while snapping his fingers in emphasis.

On March 3, the library is set to host another Coffee House starting at 1 p.m.

For more info go to:  http://portagelibrary.com

Last month Whoop and Hollar Folk Festival hosted its first-ever open mic and jam night at the Legion.

With the deletion of its winter Hot Blizzard event, Whoop and Hollar are moving towards promoting monthly events – particularly with the success of its recent open mic and jam.

“Now we have time to collaborate in the community,” organizer Josh Wright explained, “these open mic and jams will be held on the final Fridays of each month at the Legion. This is something we believe will be embraced by both performer and fan alike. The format as it is today will see a performer – not limited to only musicians, but all forms of art media – open the event with a jam to follow. It’s all very easy going and flexible.”

The success of the first event pleasantly caught the Whoop and Hollar organizers by surprise. Trying not to gush with too much deserved enthusiasm, co-founder Linda Omichinski opined, “this is fabulous for our first time. We had an idea there was a pent-up demand for this type of event, but it is very rewarding to see musicians turn out in such strong numbers. We really have something to build on,” she said.

Legion Open Mic

Whoop and Hollar’s open mic and jam night was a collaboration and partnership with Badlands Promotions, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #65, Sawmill Tea + Coffee Co. and Visions of Independence Inc.

“It’s been coming on for a long, long time,” adds Howe. “It’s always been here but it’s just now sprouting above ground. There’s all kinds of talent out there it’s just natural if we built it, they would come.”

Whoop and Hollar will again feature an open mic and jam on Feb. 23 and the library has a Coffee House on March 3.

For more info:  https://whoopandhollar.com/home




Library coffee House

For more info go to Events Calendar at:  http://portagelibrary.com

Or Call  204-857-4271

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