Young talent on display

Young talent on display

The Portage Citizen

The Prairie Ripples display in the main gallery may be earning all the kudos and stealing the thunder but walk out of the Main Gallery into the Boardroom Gallery and a collection of art representative of Portage Collegiate Institute students is very impressive.

The “off the main gallery” display shows the talent from young artists that defies their age and reveals a maturity of artistic insight. The display shows good reason to be excited by the young talent waiting to take centre stage.

In the Pop-up Gallery

Pop-up Gallery exhibit is from University of Brandon fine arts students and the results of a print making course.

Along with the collection of pieces is a rough explanation that print making is not exactly what it seems. As the explanation tells, the process is quite involved with little margin for error.

The process can allow for a unique depth and a darkness special to the process, attributes well-played to in these prints.

The PCI exhibit continues until March 31.

The prints in the Pop-up Gallery will be on display until March 10.


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