Mother Nature delivers on warnings

Winter Wonderland! If there can be an upside to a snowstorm, this might be it. Portage la Prairie's urban canopy was transformed into a stage teasing out all that is beautiful about winter. Mickey Dumont/Citizen photo

Mother Nature delivers on warnings

The Portage Citizen

Weather warnings throughout the weekend proved true beginning with light flurries Sunday night ending with you on the business end on the shovel Monday.
Southern Manitoba came to a crawl on Monday with stretches on Hwy. 1 being closed at sometime between the Saskatchewan border and Winnipeg.
The storm – a forecasted Colorado low – dumped upwards of 20 centimetres of snow in the Portage la Prairie area and much more to the west.
It was the biggest snowstorm of the winter eclipsing all snowfall for January and February combined. It was the biggest snowfall since December 2016.
The snow resulted in a fabulous snow day for school kids, parking hassles for downtown shoppers where the traffic lights seemed to be out of commission, obscured by sticky blowing snow.
The silver lining…the thick and heavy blanket of snow provides much needed moisture and covered area where far too much black soil could be seen.
It also looked spectacularly beautiful.
March 5 snowman web type

Shovelling, plowing and leaping over snowbanks was enough cause Monday morning for someone to build this frowning snowman found at Stride Place. Mickey Dumont/Citizen photo

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