Causeway project begins to shore up

Causeway project begins to shore up

The Portage Citizen

With $2 million earmarked in the 2018 municipal budget to begin work on Portage la Prairie’s new causeway, this engineering transportation and geometric preliminary design dated from 2016, is a close approximation to what it will look like.

In 2015 the city council and citizens got to see what a new causeway would look like.

The 2016 Functional Design cost estimates, including engineering and estimating contingencies showed two options:
1) a low profile, three-lane causeway, with three small diameter culverts at a cost of $6.2M; and 2) high profile, three lane causeway, with three high arch culverts which enable passage with a $10 million price tag.
Due to budget considerations Portage la Prairie city council has decided to proceed with option one, the low profile causeway.

The attached sketch is a plan view of the high profile option, but it is similar to the low profile option, with the exception of the embankments. The footprint of the low profile causeway will be substantially less in width.

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