PCI students march for equality

PCI students march for equality

The Portage Citizen

To steal a line from a 1965 rock classic song from The Who, “The Kids Are Alright”, over 200 Portage Collegiate Institute (PCI) students marched on International Women’s Day 2018 to show society the “next generation”, are more than that: they are stellar!

The PCI Justice Committee organized the wintery walk from the school, along the crescent, up Royal Rd. along Saskatchewan Ave. and back to the school to advocate for women’s rights worldwide.

“I am very excited with the turnout,” said Justice Committee member Tee-Tee Appah. “The walk was our way to promote women who in this society are not being equally paid, they are not being equally represented in society and generally are being discriminated against. We’re trying to educate people to make them see that this is not a cause we should be laughing about, it is something we should be working at to improve,” said Appah, who is also the youth member on city council.

“I am so proud of our school and of those who came out to support the walk,” she said. “It shows that even in a small community there are problems and we’re working to fix them.”

The students also held a bake sale with proceeds going to the local The Portage Family Abuse Prevention Centre.

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