MCC helps Habitat for Humanity raise $3,000

MCC helps Habitat for Humanity raise $3,000



Habitat for Humanity Day March 27 at Portage MCC Thrift Shop netted Habitat $3,000.

It was the eleventh event Portage MCC partnered with Habitat for Humanity to host a special fundraising day, with a set amount of the proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity’s local housing program.

Portage MCC donated a set amount of the proceeds, $3,000, from the day’s sales to Habitat for Humanity. “Portage MCC is excited to be able to support the local work of Habitat for Humanity in this way,” MCC said in a press release.

“Over the years, Portage MCC has donated over $45,000 for the building of homes for local families by Habitat for Humanity. We acknowledge the generosity of the local community in their support of the local work of Habitat for Humanity.”

About Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit, registered charity based on Christian principles, seeking to eliminate poverty housing. It uses, as much as possible, donated materials and volunteer labour to construct new or renovate existing houses. These houses are then sold at no profit to low-income families through long-term, zero-interest mortgages.

Habitat for Humanity has three criteria for a family to meet: a need for affordable housing, defined as a family whose income is below the government-set low income cut off for their particular region, and existing living conditions that are inadequate in terms of structure, cost, safety or size; the ability to repay a Habitat mortgage, meaning the family has a stable income sufficient to cover the monthly mortgage payments and other expenses that come with home ownership and a willingness to partner with Habitat, meaning two adult families have to be willing to provide 500 hours of sweat equity and single adult families 350 hours.

Sweat equity means actual work on the house and helping Habitat with fundraisers. Because Habitat in Portage has a partnership with the Portage MCC Thrift Shop, local families can also provide their sweat equity by volunteering at the store.

MCC-Habitat fundraiser
Presenting the cheque is Elsie Hamm, a 35-year volunteer at Portage MCC. In 2018, Portage MCC will celebrate 35 years as a volunteer-led operation. Pictured (L-R, all representing Habitat for Humanity except Elsie Hamm): Ken Werbiski, Carol Barbeau, Elsie Hamm, Gary Bergen, Joan McCallister, Betty-Jean Checkley, Yvette Cuthbert Photo submitted

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