Portage Pride takes to the street

The Portage Citizen — The third annual Portage la Prairie Pride Parade — the kick off to a day of celebrating diversity — didn’t wilt under what was reputed to be the hottest July 7 in 80 years.

Hundreds still came out to march, hear speeches, be together with their differences and enjoy an evening social.

A winged unicorn (alicorn), a fictional horse with wings like the mythical Pegasus, was part of the rainbow celebration this year after Phoenix Spence-MacIntyre made the special effort to gussy up her horse Sugar to make it so. It was Phoenix’s personal statement that being different can be good.

Phoenix Spence-MacIntyre and Allicore Sugar-8
Phoenix Spence-MacIntyre had a lot of fun dressing up her horse Sugar as a mythical alicorn: a winged horse with a horn like Pegasus. Mickey Dumont/Citizen photo

Sugar was a huge favourite with those gathered to start Portage Pride’s special day.

Many who took in the parade dressed as they do every day. Others took the opportunity to make a statement about life and carried messages on banners or placards, while still others dressed in colourful costuming to draw attention to their differences.

In the end, the public display was about showing solidarity, sharing time with like-minded and those who are not, but with the end game being noticed and increasingly being understood!

Pride Parade protesters
Just as Portage’s LBGTQ*2 community gathered Saturday for its third annual march in celebration of its diversity, one local church chooses the Pride Day parade to come out in larger numbers and exercise its free speech. The march and the protesters are always peaceful. Mickey Dumont/Citizen photo

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