City tenders causeway design contract

Mickey Dumont

The Portage Citizen — The City of Portage la Prairie council last night awarded AECOM Canada Ltd. the contract to deliver detailed design, construction and administration services for the proposed new Crescent Lake causeway.

Aside from pre-engineering reports, this is the first money the city is spending towards actual design and construction of the proposed causeway.

It was stated at the July 9 meeting the contract includes detailed design services for a three-lane low level causeway with a culvert structure, including roundabouts at the north and south intersections, and an active transportation pathway.

Using city bid scoring criteria, AECOM received the highest score on the non-financial factors and had the lowest price at $449,271 including $13,916 in disbursements and $33,755 in cost allowances for resident engineering services.

In announcing AECOM’s successful bid, Portage la Prairie Transportation Committee Chair Coun. Melissa Draycott read into the record, “The proposal from AECOM demonstrated an excellent understanding of the project with good detail on how project outcomes would be met. The proposed staff are highly qualified to do the work. The proposal included an optional stakeholder/public information session, at extra cost which is not included in the proposal fee, and also included daily full-time inspection during critical construction activities.

Council did not say if the city would exercise its option to hold a stakeholder/public information session.

A total of $2 million has been budgeted for work on the Crescent Lake causeway in 2018, $4 million has been budgeted for 2019, and an expected final amount of $800,000 in 2020. This would include the work done in the detailed design contract as well as construction. Administration estimated the cost for detailed design and construction contract administration to be $640,000. In addition, the City of Portage la Prairie was approved for a grant from the Municipal Bridge program for detailed design and construction contract administration work for 50 per cent of the total cost, up to a maximum of $320,000. Work for the grant must be completed by March 31, 2019. The City will not be able to claim the maximum approved amount by the deadline.

In a post announcement interview, Coun. Draycott said, “What that means to us is we have some work beginning this year in terms of detail analysis of what the causeway will look like.” It’s likely some infill work will also take place.

The design of the low level causeway to replace the present bridge and causeway is the least expensive of all options the city presented to the public in 2015.

The low level design is similar to the present dirt causeway used now for trucks and heavier vehicles the bridge can’t safely support.

The design does not allow kayaks, canoes, boats etc., access from one side to the other. Coun. Draycott did not have waterflow data available to answer if the culvert design would allow more or less flow between the two sides of the lake. The councillor also did not have data answering if the city wished to improve waterflow between the two sides in the future, would the new design and causeway allow for it.


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