Build a bridge, not a dam

City council’s current causeway plan is a mistake that will kill any future our rare jewel of a lake may ever have to offer us. 

When the present causeway was built, the lake was cut in two with no way by water to travel from one side to the other. A second serious problem — one that is being repeated in the new causeway design — is how water flow will be further choked.

Let’s not spend $6 million dollars on a plan that will nail the coffin lid on any hope of improving the quality of the lake. The recent plans for this mud causeway have diminished the culvert down to nothing and will not permit a decent flow of water to make its way east through Crescent Lake. Why would we do this to a really valuable asset? I believe Portage la Prairians have been sold a bill of goods here and are tacitly agreeing to something they do not understand or have not been properly explained.

This community knows it needs “hooks” to attract tourists, but we fail to see we already have it!

Portage council has already authorized and paid for a (1968) report by Winnipeg consultants ‘Wardrop and Associates’ to improve water flow in the lake. We should use it and watch as doors open.  

There is no rush to do anything! There is certainly no rush to make a mistake that affects the water quality of the lake now and forever into the future. This causeway project should be put on the back burner until we have re-examined the Wardrop Report. It is the recipe for a lake of which we can be proud. 

This is achievable. The future of the lake depends on making good decisions now. The present plan is not that good decision.

If you have questions about Wardrop Report you can phone me at 204-857-6696 or email at This is a seriously important issue to all of us.

Don Pelechaty

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