Defend Local Jobs Tour called “posturing”

Re: Defend Local Jobs Tour

Every Conservative MP voiced support for Justin Trudeau and NAFTA as well as opposition to punitive US tariffs. MPs were also united in defending our country against the unprecedented personal attacks against our Prime Minister.

Justin Trudeau is defending steel, aluminum, and auto industry workers. The Prime Minister is undoubtedly standing up for all Canadians when he tells Mr. Trump that Canada will not be pushed around.
Against this backdrop, our MP engages in empty political posturing, the Defend Local Jobs Tour. It sounds great, but Candice Bergen gives no insight into what she would actually do to combat the tariffs imposed by the American President, only negativity, and a vague notion that she is actually doing something for Portage-Lisgar. Actual resistance to her message is impossible since many media outlets won’t print any contrary opinions, and our MP steadfastly refuses to answer questions directly.
Candice Bergen’s press releases are not really news. It is simply the empty rhetoric of the career politician willing to do one thing in Ottawa, and say another in her own riding.

Ken Werbiski
Portage-Lisgar Federal Liberal association

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  1. Carol Barbeau   July 24, 2018 at 9:34 pm

    Sincerely tired of the constant negative attacks from Candice Bergman in print. It sucks the air out of a community and is completely unhelpful. In this precarious world with a toxic right wing US Govt. destroying democracy, inciting their base into not thinking for themselves, it is glaringly apparent how fortunate we are and that we need must seek and cherish unity rather division. Please offer something positive and conspicuously helpful rather than words with so little value. Perhaps focus on ideas and growth.

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