Meseyton Construction celebrates 50 years of building

Mickey Dumont

The Portage Citizen

For many celebrating a 50th birthday is cause for angst, but when it’s your business, you forget about the introspection, you hire a band, break out the goodies and have a shindig to celebrate. That’s exactly what Meseyton construction did July 27 and everyone was invited.

MLA Ian Wishart delivered congratulations from the provincial government and acknowledged he and many would be hard pressed to look around Portage and area and not see something Meseyton Construction did not have a hand in.

Meseyton Construction 50th + MLA
Portage MLA Ian Wishart, left, delivers provincial congratulations and recognition to Meseyton Construction Owner Paul Meseyton during the company’s 50th birthday party on July 27. Mickey Dumont/Citizen photo

“5o years in business is something to celebrate. It certainly is not the norm anymore,” he said.

Portage la Prairie Mayor Irvine Ferris said, “I have seen this company grow and it is an important employer here in Portage. It’s really great to be celebrating a 5oth birthday for this business.”

Meseyton opened its doors on July 27, 1968, by Jim Meseyton maybe dreaming of becoming the prominent business it has. Today there is a modern facility on the west side of the city-owned and managed by his son, Paul.

“There’s pictures of me when I was about two in a Cat hat. I think my father had me on a bulldozer when I was about 12-years-old,” says second-generation owner Paul Meseyton.

Meseyton General Manager Leah Richardson is Paul’s, right-hand woman. “We’ve had tons of growth over the past 10-15 years and I’m here to help continue that.”

Jim Meseyton passed away in 2001. Sons Paul and Jack worked together until just a few years later when Paul became the sole owner.

In August 2015, the construction company moved into its new building. “It was a huge change for the company in terms of branding and elevated us to a different level,” Richardson said. Expansion continued with the addition of an asphalt plant allowing Meseyton to become more aggressive in its scope and job bidding.

“This is our sixth year paving, but our second year in asphalt production,” Meseyton said.

Asked to describe his company, Paul didn’t count equipment on his fingers or talk about the new building or even about being in business for 50 years. “We refer to Meseyton Construction as a work family. We look at it as a team and we try to work together to provide a good service to the community, he said.”

“That’s one of the most important things that keeps us all coming to work every day,” Richardson added. “We continue to strive to be a one-stop shop for heavy construction services: trucking, excavation, base work, site services, asphalt, whether it’s supply or install.

The company has become known over the years as being a good corporate citizen that gives back.

“We live here. We work here so it goes without saying we help here,” Meseyton said.

Asked what the next 50 years will bring, the second generation owner breaks into a grin and proudly states he has kids.

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