Portage Plains United Way invites applicants for Community Response Grants

Celebrating 50 years is a huge milestone and the Portage Plains United Way (PPUW) is continuing its anniversary celebration by giving out funds through its community response grant program.
In a press release today, the PPUW explains, “A portion of their fundraising campaign is allocated each year to be used for Community Response Fund Grants. We are encouraging communities in the catchment area to apply for funds available through this grant program.”
The Community Response fund is designed to provide funding to nonprofit organizations, programs, and initiatives in the PPUW catchment area. These funds are in addition to the funding it already provides its member agencies.
“Portage Plains United Way’s mission is to unite our community to enhance the quality of life for all those in need and we feel by providing funding to these organizations through our community response fund we are progressively working towards making the Portage Plains Catchment area a better place,” PPUW said in its press release.
Community Response Grants are available for 2018 and can be applied for on a first come first serve basis. Applications need to be submitted to Portage Plains United Way and more information and application forms can be obtained by calling their office at 204-857-4440.

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