Re: October 4th Letter to the Editor by Mo and Karen McLeod, “Say no to bridge Concept” Graphic Leader.

I am writing to applaud the letter to the editor “Say No To Bridge Concept” written by longtime Portage residents, Mo and Karen McLeod.  Not only was it very well written, it came at the most opportune time.  Many people in Portage do not want a bridge with “roundabouts’ at each end.  Why is the current council insisting on pushing ahead on this, insisting it is the most affordable and best concept to make our “Island Jewel” tourist friendly and attractive?

I may be mistaken, but that is not the concept I thought was presented to the public so many months ago?  Surely, there should be enough common sense on council to realize that roundabouts are not the way to go to make our “Island” the “jewel” that it could be? The cost alone for unnecessary roundabouts doesn’t make sense (over $800,000 of the approximately $7 million cost).

I also believe that this current bridge concept needs to be shelved and rethought.   So for goodness sakes, let us use a little caution on exactly what the taxpayers’ money gets spent on regarding a bridge/causeway!  A few months ago, the suggestion was made to council to wait, spend some money on repairing what we have before we dive in again for millions of taxpayer dollars only to do the wrong thing.  We can always rethink projects before shovels or excavators hit the soil.  Now is the time to say no to the present Bridge concept, look at options and discuss them publically.

Two candidates running for council have openly said if elected they want to revisit the current bridge/causeway concept.  Those people are Erik Lee running for Mayor, and Mickey Dumont, running for council.  If we want to change things, we can speak out when we cast our votes.


Ron and Shelley Stewart

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