City in limbo over a potential pool lawsuit

The Portage Citizen:    The City of Portage la Prairie must continue to play the waiting game until at least late this year or early 2019 to learn if it can sue contractors and engineers over the Shindleman Aquatic Centre roof deficiencies and construction problems at Stride Place.

“From the beginning, the PRRA (Portage Regional Recreation Authority) knew that this process would take a while to wind its way through the courts and get to the hearing,” said David Sattler, Portage Regional Recreation Authority general manager. “I am happy to share that the hearing did take place and was completed on Oct. 4-5 in Winnipeg.”

The judge overseeing the hearing and any potential lawsuit, Justice Edmonds, heard arguments from both sides regarding the submitted application. It is expected that a decision on the application will be rendered near the end of 2018 or early into 2019.

“At this time, we believe strongly in our case on both the application and a potential lawsuit to hold the organizations accountable for their work,” Sattler said.

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