Royal MTC presents Buying The Farm, at The Glesby Feb. 1

Magnus Bjornson (Sandy Winsby), R, and Brad Deacon (Tristan Carlucci) act out a scene in the Royal MTC touring presentation of “Buying the Farm”. The play is scheduled for Feb. 1, at the William Glesby Centre. SUPPLIED

Hilarity is the main subplot in the Royal MTC Feb. 1, presentation of “Buying the Farm” at the William Glesby Centre.

Buying the Farm was co-authored by partners, Shelley Hoffman and Stephen Sparks. Shelley Hoffman is a winner of the 2008 Gemini Award for Best Writing in a Children’s or Youth Program or Series for the animated series Iggy Arbuckle.

As part of the Royal MTC Regional tour and a co-production with Magnus Theatre, “Buying the Farm” is stagecraft of the highest calibre.

Directed by Thom Currie, the play’s synopsis sees Magnus Bjornson (Sandy Winsby) a sixty-something down-to-earth bachelor who has worked on his family farm all his life take a practical look at his future. His smart-as-a-whip niece, Esme Van Fossen, (Olivia Ulrich) has been helping her great-uncle for the past four months, but when issues arise things go awry. Magnus’s health takes a turn, his finances are out of sorts and there’s a real estate developer ready to make an offer.

Real estate agent Brad Deacon (Tristan Carlucci) arrives at the Bjornson farm ready to make a deal! Wearing a plaid button down shirt, two hundred dollar jeans, and Dan Post lizard skin cowboy boots, he rehearses a ‘homesy’ opening. He’s ready, right?

“Buying the Farm” is a delightfully comedic story that embraces life’s inevitable changes amongst the cows and chickens.

Throughout its touring history, Royal MTC has delivered professional theatre productions outside of its home stage in Winnipeg. Selected productions over the decades include The Fantasticks (1965/66), The Promise (1972/73), Billy Bishop Goes to War (1981/1982), The Glass Menagerie (1989/90), Transit of Venus (1995/96), The Drawer Boy (2000/01), Tempting Providence (2009/10), Miracle on South Division Street (2013/14), Armstrong’s War (2014/15), Last Train to Nibroc (2016/17) and A Christmas Carol (2017/18).


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