Vanished Days, an exhibition of drawings, paintings, sculptures and video that look at farming and life in the Red River Valley between the 1920s-1950s is now open at the Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment Main Gallery.

The art and music of Vanished Days were primarily created over a three-year period while James Culleton attended an artist in residence program at the North Dakota Museum of Art. During the residency he studied family life and farming that took place in McCanna, North Dakota and created a series of drawings, watercolours, sculptures, and music with accompanying videos highlighting the history of farming life in the Red River Valley at the turn of the century. As part of this latest version of the exhibit he has added art that studies local farming artifacts from Portage la Prairie.
Vanished Days also includes local artifacts that highlight the stories Culleton tells through his art. The Fort La Reine Museum has partnered with Culleton for this exhibit. The Fort la Reine Museum is dedicated to preserving the heritage of the Canadian prairies, through their collections and programs that create and ignite dialogue about the Canadian experience and cultural and natural heritage.

The James Culleton Trio will be performing at the opening reception and artist talk on Feb. 27.

The opening reception of Vanished Days will be on Feb. 27 at 7 p.m. In the Main Gallery at Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment ( Vanished Days will be on display from Feb. 18 to March 28.

Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment is located in the William Glesby Centre at 11-2nd Street NE in Portage la Prairie.