A little bit of rain didn’t get in the way of making the 7th Annual Whoop & Hollar Folk Festival this past weekend one of the best yet.

The forecast for the two-day festival was miserable — 80 and 90 percent chance of rain and thunderstorms on both days, but the worst didn’t come to pass. On Saturday the weather was actually nice and the rain only showed up late Sunday and it was nothing an umbrella couldn’t handle.

“The uncertainty of what the weather was going to do may have kept some people away, but overall we’re quite happy with how it all went,” Whoop & Hollar Artistic Director Josh Wright said Sunday afternoon.

Whoop & Hollar is billed as a celebration of music, art, nature and culture and it delivered with 24 musical acts — only one from outside of Manitoba — and events and entertainment for all ages.

Wright added it was also the largest volunteer effort so far for the festival with up to 50 volunteers working behind the scenes to put the shine on the festival for its guests.

Whoop & Hollar Folk Festival will take place on August 29-30 next year.

“We always try for bigger and better,” added founder Linda Omichinski. “I can’t really expand on that now. We’re all a bit overwhelmed with the effort this takes.”