New Colouring and Activity Book is here

Yvette Cuthbert colouring book


The Portage Citizen

If you haven’t seen them yet, you will! Boxes and boxes of the new Portage la Prairie Island on the Prairies Colouring and Activity Book have been delivered.

The colouring book is a collection of scenes and activities personal to Portage la Prairie, says local artist Yvette Cuthbert who drew the images.

“I actually did a colouring book for Portage 25 years ago,” she says. “I updated a lot of the content to reflect changes over time in the community.”

The book does a very good job of being inclusive and incorporates many aspects of culture, tourism, pride and slices of everyday life in Portage la Prairie.

“It shows a lot of the great things there are to see and do in Portage,” said Cuthbert.

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