Sharpe Sisters display new harmony

The Portage Citizen

The Sharpe Sisters, the local trio best known for their musical harmonies and down-to-earth songs, are showing another side of their creative world.

The sisters, Kathy Bryce, Colleen Bryce and Carolyn Whitfield opened an art exhibit at the Portage & District Arts Centre today showing their harmony goes beyond music and family ties.

“It’s amazing art with everything from woodworking, painting and photography,” says Margaret Bernhardt-Lowdon, executive director, Portage & District Arts Centre and The William Glesby Centre. “This display shows talent beyond what most of us in the community recognize the Sharpe Sisters for.”

The work was completed in the same way the sisters approach songwriting: collaboratively. Each piece is the result of their collective vision and like their songs, do really well in three-part harmony.

The exhibit opened on Jan. 29 and will continue until March 2.



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