Hyundai Accent sedan punches above its weight

The Accent has matured into a nicely-styled, well-built, economical and, most of all, well-equipped compact

Hyundai Accent sedan punches above its weightCast your mind back to the early to mid 1970s, when Japanese models like the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and Datsun 510 were getting a toehold in the North American market. Despite contempt and resistance from the established carmakers in North America, the offshore imports hit a chord with buyers and ushered in a whole…

Loud pipes on motorcycles save lives

Loud motorcycles can be annoying, that’s understood. But they only disrupt your quietude for a second or two, and we’re talking about safety here.

Loud pipes on motorcycles save livesAs we approach high summer and peak motorcycle riding season, it’s time to ask the eternal question: Do loud pipes save lives? Depends who you talk to, of course. Some folks consider any two-wheeled transport not human-powered to be too loud, while others view sound restrictions as a direct assault on their personal freedom. According…

Three good used vehicles for towing your summer toys

Need four-wheel drive, some towing power, storage space and reliability? Look at the Toyota Sequoia, the Ford Explorer Sport Trac or the Mazda CX-9

Three good used vehicles for towing your summer toysSo you have a cottage or need to tow a small boat or trailer – or both. You’re thinking used and need something with available four-wheel drive and a goodly-sized V6 or V8 engine – four cylinder models aren’t going to cut it here. A little elbow/storage room inside the vehicle wouldn’t hurt, nor would…
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