Mario ToneguzziThe leaders of three Calgary-based energy companies are reaching out to Canadians, saying there is an opportunity for each voter to push for “energy innovation” in the upcoming federal election.

“As we head into the upcoming election, we are asking you to join us in urging Canada’s leaders of all political stripes to help our country thrive by supporting an innovative energy industry,” the joint statement said. “One that can contribute to solving the global climate change challenge and play a significant role in creating future energy solutions by developing our resources in the cleanest most responsible way possible today.”

The statement appeared in a full-newspaper page open letter to Canadians by Tim McKay, president of Canadian Natural Resources Limited, Alex Pourbaix, president and CEO of Cenovus Energy, and Derek Evans, president and CEO of MEG Energy.

“The choices we make will determine the quality of life we create for ourselves and future generations. These choices will impact our ability to fund schools, hospitals, parks and the social programs that we as Canadians so deeply value. This isn’t about any particular pipeline, policy or province. This is about the future of Canada.”

The letter says that, as energy leaders, they believe Canada is ideally positioned to do its part to both positively impact climate change and ensure a strong and vibrant economy.

“The world needs more energy to sustain a growing global economy that is expected to lift three billion people out of poverty in the decades ahead. We need more wind, solar and hydro, but oil and natural gas remain a large part of the mix too. This is true in even the most optimistic scenarios for the worldwide adoption of renewable energy,” says the letter.

“The world also needs to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But shutting down Canada’s oil industry will have little impact on global targets. In fact, it could have the opposite effect, with higher carbon fuels replacing our lower emission products. A healthy Canadian oil and natural gas industry is vital in leading the way to a lower carbon future.”

Mario Toneguzzi is a Troy Media business reporter based in Calgary.

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