Portage Citizen Launches Today

You are holding in your hands a baby. Yours!

With each word read, this baby’s voice will mature from its first cry after being gently slapped on its behind, to becoming “the” trusted news source in Portage la Prairie.
Welcome to the first edition of The Portage Citizen. It is small today by all standards, but so was the New York Times and Wall Street Journal whom both found humble beginnings as “Penny Press” sheets. Both grew to be dominant and trusted newspapers whom are continually evolving. In fact, both were smaller than this issue of The Portage Citizen.

Just as the internet – for good and bad – is transforming how you choose to be informed, the Penny Press was a game changer in its day. Local news and journalism became more important overall as the Penny Press delivered an independent stance on public issues forcing newspapers of the day to begin paying attention to the public it served.

The Portage Citizen is first and foremost an online publication (theportagecitizen.ca under construction) with information being repurposed for print. It’s a pretty tired cliché to just say ‘the internet is killing printed newspapers’, true as it may seem, but The Portage Citizen will be in Portage la Prairie for the foreseeable future.

The business plan will see The Portage Citizen eventually migrate to news print, become a member of the Manitoba Weekly Newspaper Association and deliver news to your smart phone, tablet, computer and doorstep. The very short term – baby steps – will see The Portage Citizen circulated only to coffee shops, waiting rooms, public spaces and fully online. As a database of advertisers grow, so will the physical (printed) newspaper. I fully expect a newsprint product to be dropped on every Portage doorstep in short order. This is a small business after all and will require resources – financial resources – to build a space among the established media here.

This is a self-funded, one man operation that will quickly grow to fill a space in this market. It is the only locally owned and independent news source in the community. Every advertising dollar invested in The Portage Citizen will be reinvested in improving itself. In turn, growth will create jobs and contribute to the local economy.

The Portage Citizen will concentrate its reporting on municipal affairs, culture and recreation, seniors, business and the personalities that make this community tick.

Admittedly, one person cannot be everywhere and cover everything.

The Portage Citizen will at first lack the sports coverage a good news source should offer, but as resources become available, a second and then a third writer will be hired. Until then I will do my best. Feel free to contribute news and photos.

I am excited by the opportunity dealt to me in creating the circumstance that this is even possible.

I look forward to the challenge and reward The Portage Citizen offers to both myself and the community. In over 30 years of being a “newspaperman” I am pretty sure I have yet to lose sight that what I do – love to do and am passionate about – is both a privilege and a responsibility. I’m here to lend my voice and what little “power of the press” that comes with that!

I can be reached at 204-441-8200.

Mickey Dumont H&S
Mickey Dumont Publisher / Editor



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