House Handshake plan good times for Whoop & Hollar

Go on YouTube and look up ‘Mmhm – House Handshake’ and you will immediately understand why the booking brain trust at Whoop & Hollar booked this Winnipeg band: it is a perfect fit!

Then check out all of their other “tubes” and you will learn ‘House Handshake’ is a magic combination of acoustic-driven folk/rock, funk, indie soul-tinged set list guaranteed to get you up out of your seat.

A story of where it all began…

The House Handshake story begins in March of 2017, when (bass player) Darrell Anderson, moved to Vancouver, B.C. by invitation from another housemate and a mutual friend. There he met Quinton Poitras (lead guitar player and singer) and Sarah Greco (lead singer and ukulele).

“We had just spent about a year in search for musical connections and experiences with like-minded people but came up short,” explains Anderson. “We had thought with a population of over four million we were bound to find some people to share our passions?

“As our time was shared we realized our connections were strong and so were the jams. Our songs began to come into their own and we gave ourselves a title ‘Househand Shake’ as in, our house together where we shake hands and dance our own shake. We called this our collective ego. It was clear at this point that the west coast had nothing more to offer, all of us being from Winnipeg, it was time to head back home where the music scene was thriving and genuine.”

In the summer of 2017, the fourth missing piece — Tanner Link (lead keyboard, guitar, percussion) was found. “We missed him while we were away and he’s the person we needed with us, he is so much more than an incredible positive energy. With all the love in the world, we put together our efforts and now reside in a home not too far away from Osborne Village, where we constantly play music just to spread the motivation to get you to move, shake and feel the love that is all around us.”

Drummer Brennan Saul now makes it a five-way handshake that will rock the Whoop & Hollar house when the band closes the festival Aug. 25.

Handshake group
House Handshake at back from left: Darrell Anderson, Tanner Link and Brennan Saul. In front: Sarah Greco and Quinton Poitras. House Handshake photo

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