Annual Voices of the Prairie concert ready to roll Oct. 6

The posters are up, tickets are being sold and anticipation is building surrounding the 12th Annual Voices of the Prairie concert scheduled for Oct. 6 at the Canad Inns. All that’s missing is the sound check and curtain call.

Johnny, Johnny with Kicking up Dust and special guest “Hicktown” are all well-known local musicians and bring their A++ game to Voices of the Prairie.

Typically a sell-out — about 500 people gather every year — making it a public favourite, but the benefit concert is also a favourite with the musicians.

“This is a production,” Johnny says. “All year long we play here and there, but this is always one I want to be special.”

The professional production includes expert lighting, sound, stage and design. “It’s fun to be able to put a show like this together each year,” Dietrich said. “We know what a good show is and how to deliver one. We can’t do this every time, but for Voices of the Prairie we pull out what stops we can and plan to have fun playing a great show.

Proceeds go the Portage Hospital Foundation.

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