Concerts in the Park brings two more favourites this week

Suzanne Bird

Suzanne Bird

Suzanne Bird has been called a songwriting and singing talent to be reckoned with [Winnipeg Free Press,1983]. Her musical resumé backs that up.

She played at the First Canadian Women’s Festival. She is a Metis performer described as transcending the ordinary to reach out to people through her music and lyrics. Suzanne has played from New London, Connecticut, DelMar, California to Canadian festivals from Vancouver to New Brunswick. She has also performed at the Toronto Multicultural Festival, Vancouver ‘s 1986 Expo and the International Festival in Vancouver.

Suzanne can perform a multitude of genres from folk to blues, jazz, country and of course her original material. Suzanne’s, Metis Memory, was written for the 100th anniversary of Louis Riel and she performed it at the first Metis Pavilion in Winnipeg. This song got nominated in the Best Song category in the 1986 CMA awards. She had two other nominations that year; Best Female Artist, and New Comer of the Year.

In 1990 she launched her solo CD, Heart Full O’ Soul, on which she wrote all of the music and words.

Bird now performs at local venues such as the Whoop & Hollar Folk Festival, Portage Fair, the Metis Gala and is a favourite at Concerts in the Park.


Jim Sharpe

Jimmy Sharpe

Jim Sharpe is a well-known musician born and raised in the Portage la Prairie area.

The gift of music runs in the Sharpe family and generations before him cultivated and encouraged his love of music. He first picked up a guitar at the age of five and is self-taught, learning to play by ear.

By 15 he was on stage performing and has never looked back. Although the Sharpe family is well known for their musical talents, Jim is best known for his ability to play picking tunes. If you’ve ever had the pleasure to hear him pick a guitar you know he is sure to get your feet tapping. Songwriting is another passion of his and he can be heard on the local radio stations playing his Christmas tunes; “Christmas in the Sandhills” and “All the Other Reindeer”.

Over the years he has been able to share his talent and passion for music through entertaining. Jim is an established member of the musical community playing all over southern Manitoba. You can often find him in the community playing for various concerts, socials, weddings, gatherings and festivals.

Concerts in the Park will start at 6 p.m. on Thursday on the Ukrainian Stage in Island Park.

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