Concerts in the Park schedule change brings two country acts to the stage

The Sommerfeldt Choir has cancelled its Aug. 8 Concerts in the Park appearance and in its place the Chris Micheal Band and Greg Arcade will take to the big stage on Island Park Thursday beginning at 6 p.m.

Both are well-seasoned and well-known acts on the prairie landscape.

Emerging country artist Chris Micheal is an emotional provoking singer and electric guitarist with a flair for vintage lead country rock soundscapes and light-hearted fun good old party time. The band has just released a new EP titled “Standing Still”.

On stage, you can expect a fun, interactive personality as he expresses his passion for music with both integrity and honesty. The band has performed at venues like the Burton Cummins Theater, Howl at the Moon and West End Cultural Centre and many others.


Greg Arcade

Greg ArcadeHere is a country musician that has been a staple of the entertainment landscape for over a decade. Releasing a plethora of music with several acts, producing musicians at all levels of their careers, and creating outlets for artists to perform and grow such as Howl At The Moon Music Festival (founder), Greg Arcade has been going for broke since the moment he grabbed that first guitar and plucked a chord.

Now focused on a solo career, Arcade performs country music with an authenticity unparalleled in the current cultural climate.

Years of experiences from good to bad are something he’s learned to not only emulate but convey in the truth of his voice and his guitar.

Greg Arcade is the real deal for anyone out there still looking to feel something from the music.

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