Free Fialka concert on Dec. 19

Live music… remember those days?

Singer/songwriter Lindsay Fialka does. Fialka, who has one foot in Portage la Prairie and the other presently in Winnipeg will be doing a Facebook live stream acoustic performance on Dec. 18 with partner Mathew Mallory.

“God I miss ‘em,” the songstress opines. “I mean come friggin’ on man! I finally live in Winnipeg and can’t even set up some gigs or go watch any. This is lame !!!! LAAAME!!

“So in the meantime, I’ve been reviving some old songs that no one has ever heard. And some others that have been heard. Some new ones that have or haven’t. (Most of my country jingles no one has heard will be on my setlist, everybody in PlaP (let Garry, Gerry and Neil know).

The live stream performance will start at 8 p.m. and go on until about 9 p.m. or so!.

“One of the songs I’m going to sing is based on the Open Mic live music scene that the Legion and Whoop and Hollar were hosting back in good old Portage la Prairie. Since not many of my friends would come down, I made my own friends when I attended the open mic. Made some real good connections with some nice folk, but the three that were always there for me were Neil, Garry and Gerald (Gerry). The open mic experience for me would have been a shaky one if it weren’t for those three guys.

“It’s going to be a time! 2020 may have (#)hit bricks but, let’s paint those bricks gold, baby.”

To watch the performance, click the link below.

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