The Young Pixels: all the parts add up

Whoop & Hollar Folk Festival — Tricia and Danny Turner, aka The Young Pixels, move between electric guitar, drums and vocals in a performance that is broken down efficiently to only guitar and drums but deceivingly fuller.
The Young Pixels hail from Kenton, Manitoba where they craft a polished pop rock ( sound as organic grains they grow.
Married, Tricia and Danny are as comfortable swap duties between drums, guitar and vocals with an ease of a couple learning to share responsibility that comes from raising three young boys.
Boys will be boys and The Young Pixels, honestly recognize they are the sum of all their parts, are musically as rambunctious. With three CDs to their credit, Fever of Becoming, For the Love and The Receptive, The Young Pixels have a full repertoire of original songs to fill a set.
“To try and describe what our music sounds to someone else, I would have to say it sounds like a cross between Neil Young and the Pixies,” she said.
When the couple first started jamming, the inevitable tossing around of name ideas ensued and it was Danny who suggested The Young Pixels. “At first I thought it was stupid, but it quickly came to me that it is unique and meaningful.”
When you offer up your music in a stripped-down combo — drums and electric guitar — you have to work at every little piece. A drum beat, guitar chord or vocal harmony has to play a bigger part to help the sum of all the song’s parts even out contentedly. There’s a magic to being able to perform with only drums and guitar — that’s why you don’t see it often.
The Young Pixels take to the Whoop & Hollar Folk Festival on Aug. 25 at 7 p.m.

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