Voices Of The Prairie show includes Sharpe Sisters CD release “Three Hearts”


When the Sharpe Sisters release their latest recording “Three Hearts” on Nov. 16th at Johnny Dietrich’s 13th annual Voices of the Prairie concert, here’s what’s changed and what you can count on.

Yes, the sisters have performed extensively since their first CD, and yes Kathy Bryce, Carolyn Whitfield and Colleen Bryce have matured as songwriters, but the trio’s trademark warm three-part harmonies and “country kitchen” uncluttered arrangements are built into their DNA!

“Three Hearts” is a collection of 11 songs: eight originals including a songwriting collaboration from all three on one song, something new for their fans.

“It was a very easy decision to name our CD “Three Hearts”, says Kathy Bryce, spokesperson for the sisters. “When Colleen wrote the song, she was reflecting on our lives together as sisters and the last verse of the song says it all…

“As we stroll down these roads that we chose,

We will walk side-by-side, hand-in-hand,

Together we’re a family bond, no one can ever break,

’cause we’re three sisters, three hearts, one soul”

“The three of us never dreamed of making one CD let alone a second one. We owe this all to the wonderful people who come out to hear our music and who continue to request these recordings. The majority of our originals on the CD reflect some of the important people in our lives both past and present. The songs are all true stories of loved ones and of people who had an impact on our lives,” Bryce reflected.

The three cover songs the sisters selected for this CD are personal and fan favourites. “Blue” by LeAnn Rimes is a favourite country song from Colleen’s youth and the most requested cover tune at their concerts. Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, an amazing song in its own right, and one the sisters learned was very suitable for their three-part harmonies.

Over time, “I’ll Be All Smiles Tonight” became one of the trio’s favourite songs. It was written in 1879 by T.B. Ranson and recorded in 1934 by the Carter Family. “Our 92-year-old Aunt Evelyn Sharpe introduced us to this song – it was one of her favourites that her mother (our Grandmother) would sing to her and her siblings (including our mom) as a bedtime song when they were very young children,” Bryce said.

“This is our fourth year in a row as co-hosts for our brother Johnny Dietrich’s Voices of The Prairie. We were thrilled when Johnny asked us to be co-hosts for him and proud to be part of this classy theatre style performance. We have a great time performing on stage with him and are honoured to share the stage each year with our CD producer Ken Campbell and our music brother and bass player, Ken Wettlaufer.”

Tickets for the Voices of the Prairie concert, Saturday, Nov. 16 are $25 and are available at the Canad Inns front desk, 204-857-9745 (press ‘0’ to order your tickets).

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