When Dr. Music makes his rounds, the patients gather round

Johnny Dietrich
Johnny Dietrich performs at the Portage la Prairie & District General Hospital’s extended care wing. Mickey Dumont/Citizen photo

Laughter is commonly acknowledged to be the best cure, but music is likely a very strong second.

To anyone who has spent a period of time in the hospital then you know how your patience as a patient may not always be what you want it to be…you are bored.

Fortunately, Portage la Prairie and District Hospital patients receive visits from local musicians and many particularly look forward to when Johnny Dietrich does his rounds.

Dietrich. a well-known local performer singer-songwriter is very generous with his time and often plays to captive audiences at the hospital and in the area seniors’ homes.

Recently, Dietrich performed an intimate concert at the hospital to the appreciation of those who could attend.

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