Portage-Lisgar MP Candice Bergen issued the following statement following the liberal “fiscal snapshot” that confirmed the liberals are running a deficit of more than $343 billion a net federal debt of over $1 trillion:

“Under the Trudeau liberals, Canada finds itself in the most challenging economic situation since the great depression, with the highest peacetime deficit in history and no plan for economic recovery.

“We have the highest unemployment rate among G7 nations, despite Justin Trudeau’s more expensive spending measures related to COVID-19.

“Even the non-partisan parliamentary budget officer called the situation “scary, disappointing, and unsettling”.

“Trudeau’s failure to effectively manage our finances doesn’t come as a surprise.  Upon taking office, the liberals replaced a surplus with sky-high deficits in the good times, leaving Canada in a vulnerable economic position to respond with an aid package during hard times and making the road to recovery much longer.

“To make matters worse, parliament continues to be shut down by the liberals, so Canadians won’t get the answers to the many questions they have. As your member of parliament, I will continue to fight for a safe return to parliament so we can deliver a recovery plan and get Canada’s economy back on track.”

Download the full report here:  https://www.canada.ca/content/dam/fin/publications/efs-peb/homepage/EFS2020-eng.pdf