Soliciting donations raises a question

Letter writer questions necessity of donations at Concerts in the Park.


Letter to Ed Tom

Large kudos to Concerts in the Park

They are given without prejudice, and in grateful acknowledgment of the work required to make the event occur.

There was one exception to the evenings’ events that caused myself and, in later discussions with some other concert goers, that caused a much-detracted enjoyment of the performers.

A volunteer wandered through the attendees mid-performance seeking donations (not specified). When questioned as to why the volunteer stated, ‘it was for the band’.

Please note the advertisement in the Graphic Leader July 18, 2019, shows 18 sponsors.

Attendance at these concerts is to enjoy and support the performers, not to be distracted by request for more money.

It was interesting to note the number of people who left the area after the donation can was passed around!

It left the question “was it the music or the request for funds that cause the exodus”?

In closing and without prejudice, it would be a shame to downgrade or lose this gem of an event through such distractions.


Verne Howe 

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