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Arguably this week might be the best time to explore — really explore Island Park.

The ornamental and fruit trees in the Island Park Arboretum and elsewhere in the park are a riot of colours as they sport their spring flowers.

If you go today you will also be able to catch the tail end of the avian Warbler migration as the small songbirds make their way north.

first 2018 goslings 2

These early season goslings were seen in the creek in the deer pen on May 22.

The Canada Geese have settled on their nests, but these early season goslings were seen in the creek in the deer pen.

About the Island Park Arboretum

(From the Botanic Gardens Conservation International Website)

The Arboretum is an educational collection of prairie hardy trees, shrubs and vines. A wheelchair access pathway joins a series of stations giving information on plants, horticulture, forestry and wildlife. The Arboretum is free to the public and is an ideal outdoor classroom to learn about plants and their importance to the environment. The Arboretum covers four acres and has over 300 different types of plants. With each visit, you will have a new impression of the plants that contribute to the prairie landscape.

Mickey Dumont/Citizen photos