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Canadian gaming industry surpasses $17 billion in revenue

Supports approximately 182,500 jobs, which translates into $11.9 billion in labour income

Canadian gaming has become a multibillion-dollar industry directly supporting more than 182,000 jobs across the country, according to a report released on Wednesday by the Canadian Gaming Association.

The National Economic Benefits of the Canadian Gaming Industry study said the industry produced $17.1 billion in revenue in 2017. That includes $1 billion in non-gaming revenue such as food and beverage, entertainment, accommodations, retail.

The study said gaming in Canada directly supports approximately 182,500 jobs with an average salary of almost $65,000, which translates into $11.9 billion in labour income. Additionally, the industry purchases over $14.6 billion in goods and services annually, generating $18.9-billion of value-added gross domestic product to the Canadian economy.

“Gaming in Canada continues to grow and is an important employer and provider of meaningful returns to the Canadian economy balanced with socially responsible measures,” said Paul Burns, president and CEO of the association.

“The size and scope of the industry have created a positive economic environment, where many of the goods and services needed to sustain operations are now produced and/or offered in Canada, and a number of Canadian companies are exporting gaming-related products and services internationally.

“Gaming in Canada has been a success from an economic development, revenue, and employment perspective. Governments have profited from new tax revenues, local economies have profited from new companies, jobs have been created, and significant capital investment and economic activity have materialized.”

The association said gaming sizeably exceeds other segments of the entertainment industry in terms of the direct impact on the economy. Over the same period, gaming revenues exceeded those of social establishments, spectator sports, performing arts, movie theatres, and magazine and book sales combined.

“Canada’s gaming industry is a significant contributor to communities across Canada – it is increasingly technology-based and internationally-focused and represents a full spectrum from uniform manufacturers to global providers of printing solutions and game technology. Present in almost every region of the county, gaming remains a vital contributor to local communities as well as proud corporate neighbours who invest in their locations,” said the association.

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