September brings the lovely tastes of all of our summers labours. The pies, the pickles, the jams and jellies. We have them all for sale at the Herman Prior to help with our building fundraising efforts. It is such a great use of our second kitchen space.

We have such great spaces here at the Prior, and it is nice to see them used by a wide variety of groups.

HP painting group at PDAC 2

16 X 20 acrylic by Helen Wiebe on display at PDAC. Mickey Dumont/Citizen photo

One of the groups that meet here regularly needed a space to come and work on their paintings. We have the space and through discussions, they started to get together once a week. That same group is now on display at the Art Centre until September 15th at the Pop Up Gallery. Make sure you stop by and see their work there, and maybe you will be inspired to join up for some painting of your own. They were started as a Monday Painting Group, but for the upcoming year, they will be moving their date to Tuesdays.

Another group that needed space to help with their fundraising efforts is the Grandmothers Giving Group. They are having their dinner on Sunday, September 9th.

Next, we will be having the MNP Chili Cook-off happening. This is a fundraiser with the money they raise going to SAM. Another food fundraiser happening here soon is the United Way Spaghetti Dinner.

The Country Lane Quilters Guild uses space here every month for meetings and sewing sessions. They have generously donated a quilt for us to raffle off. You have to come by the Center to see it. Absolutely stunning!

We have weddings and funerals in here and bus groups that stop in for coffee and muffins from centres on their way to Winnipeg. Groups are having their annual meetings here and we have seminars and workshops held frequently. We have meetings in the boardrooms, clinics in the other rooms, and our regular card groups and coffee members.

It is a lively, happening place. All this means that we are achieving our goal of letting people know that we are open for business. Being centrally located, with plenty of parking and wheelchair accessible makes it an ideal choice for many events. It would be nice to see regular dances happening here again. If you are needing space for your event, meeting or club, come talk to us! 204-857-6951 or

See you at the Prior!

Chris Dumont

Executive Director