50,000 lbs. of spuds offered up in annual Community Potato Give-Away

The Peters family again held the Community Potato Give-Away this past Saturday. Mickey Dumont/Citizen photo

With a strong sense of faith and community, the Peters family of Spruce Drive Farms again dug in and last Saturday dished out up to 50,000 lbs. of potatoes in the annual Community Potato Give-Away.

Mark Peters’ family, friends and volunteers gathered last Saturday to facilitate giving away the spuds to any who visited them at the vacant lot at 18 St. and Saskatchewan Ave. W. “We couldn’t do this last year because of conditions — the potatoes would have been frozen — but we’re very happy to be able to be here today,” explained Peters. “This is the third time we have had the community potato giveaway.”

The giveaway follows well with the family’s belief in giving back and helping others. “In our church, we believe in giving and helping, we find ways to practice these beliefs and today is part of that,” Mark said.

Spruce Drive Farms grows certified seed potatoes 12 miles northwest of Portage la Prairie. The Community Potato Give-Away has become an anticipated event in Portage la Prairie and remembered for the family’s generosity.

The first Community Potato Give-Away was in 2016.

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