Chamber, PCRC poll businesses on public transit

The Portage Citizen

Portage la Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce and the Portage Community Revitalization Corporation (PCRC) is polling the business community to learn if it feels some form of public transportation is needed.
The Chamber along with PCRC, are investigating whether an integrated transportation plan that offers convenient, affordable transportation to the public at peak times of need for people commuting to work and secondary school is feasible in Portage la Prairie.
The two groups are polling businesses regarding public transportation. The city now has three reports on public transportation including an extensive PCRC report tabled almost two years ago.
The business poll asks three questions to help gauge if a transportation system is important to the business community in Portage la Prairie.
1. Do you think the business community of Portage la Prairie would benefit from a transportation system?
2. Do you believe there are transportation barriers for your employees/customers?
3. Would you support a tax increase, if needed, to implement a public transportation system?
Businesses can answer, yes, no, don’t know and are given space for additional comment.
Information introducing the poll to businesses says, “although Portage la Prairie is a ‘city with a small-town feel’ and ‘you can get anywhere in five minutes’, that sense of freedom of movement and access is limited to those who have their own car or access to a car. For those who have to rely on public transportation, the options are severely limited. The shuttle system is generally regarded as inadequate and a lack of public transportation is viewed as a significant problem for newcomers and many long-term residents alike.
The chamber and PCRC adds, “for residents who do own a car, the cost of gas will continue to climb. The carbon tax takes effect on Sept. 1. It is estimated average Manitobans will pay an extra $125 per year at the pumps when the carbon tax takes effect. A transportation system would encourage more residents to leave their vehicles at home and ride the bus.”
It is not known when the polling results will become known.

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