Cold temperatures will help firm up ice sheet, but caution still the best rule before heading out on the ice

Ice fishing thickness chart

With all the ice fishing hype going on right now, remember no ice is 100% safe, but here is a reminder of the recommended ice thickness for travel.

No fish is worth risking your life over, even for the die-hard fisherman! This chart does not replace caution and common sense. Use good judgement and this chart only as a rule of thumb. You can take your chances walking out on two inches of ice, but is it really uniformly two inches? Six inches should be safe for an ATV or snow machine and a minimum 12″-15″ for cars or trucks or more depending on vehicle weight and load.

This week brings the first serious cold snap which will help speed the process of getting the hard water fisherman out and ATVs and snow machines out for some adrenaline fun.

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