February 26 city meeting to be at Glesby

Council opts for off site budget release meeting

The Portage Citizen

Annually the city prints a schedule for its council meetings which over the past several years have included some away from city hall.

The Feb. 26 meeting will be held at the Glesby, a better location for those physically challenged by the stairs at city hall.

“We’re not getting the attendance at the offsite (meetings) ones we wanted to get. We have kept track of it,” Portage la Prairie Mayor Irvine Ferris said.

“We’re hoping by having it offsite and that it’s the budget, that we get a good number of people out for it.”

Ferris said he has explored meeting attendance numbers with colleagues in other centres. “That seems to be the trend. When people have business with council they show up.”

No further offsite meetings are planned.

“We’ll play that by ear,” the mayor said. “If we had an occasion where we felt we had to to accommodate someday, certainly we would do that.”

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