Grant allows Prairie Fusion to offer free virtual programming

A SafeathomeMB grant will virtually drive interest in Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment (PFAE) pandemic programming into your home.

Called “Fusion: Home Series”, it’s a 10-week program of what PFAE offers in house.

“The best parts it’s free to the public. Basically, we will be bringing everything we offer virtual. It’s going to cover a wide variety of visual arts and change every week with different instructors with different specialties,” explains Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment Executive Director Stefanie McKim.

“The grant has allowed Prairie Fusion to offer artistic programming focusing on both visual and performing arts,” McKim said. “We will offer virtual sessions in a wide variety of areas including dance, painting, drawing, pottery, and also offer virtual concerts to be enjoyed from the comfort and safety of your home,” she said.

“The grant allows (PFAE) to give the community an amazing opportunity. If you have had an interest in trying out a dance class or another program we offer here but don’t want to commit to the 26 weeks or you are a little shy about your artistic talent, this is a cool way to get your toe in the water and of course from the privacy and safety of your home.”

These virtual sessions will be accessible to all levels of expertise, and all ages. “PFAE’s instructors will bring different styles and come from varying cultural backgrounds, continuing to uphold our mandate of serving our community as an inclusive home for all things art. We will also include virtual gallery tours, to showcase our artists currently on exhibition, and be able to answer questions and host healthy discussions on the pieces.

“We want to continue to serve our community with opportunities for a healthy creative outlet, with both mental and physical health as a priority. All aspects of our Fusion: Home Series will be free. The schedule will vary week to week, so be sure to stay updated via our website,

In addition, McKim says PFAE is hoping to live stream concerts from the Glesby stage. “That presents a different set of challenges as per (health mandated) restrictions we have to accommodate to make sure we are well within protocols.

A newly hired Virtual Programming Coordinator, Dee Harder, is working on details.

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