Library declares teen photo contest winner

Gabrielle Chappellaz.

The Portage La Prairie Regional Library has declared a winner in its Teen Photo Contest earning praise from the judge who may very well be her teacher at PCI this year.

Gabrielle Chappellaz’s black and white scenic caught Judge Mrs. Sevcenko’s eye who also had praise for the quality of submitted entries.
“What wonderful submissions to the Portage la Prairie Library Teen Photo Contest,” Sevcenko said. “It is so exciting to see the talent that will soon be entering the halls at PCI. Congratulations to everyone that submitted an image. It can be nerve wracking to submit your art to someone else to judge. [I know from experience!] It was a treat to open my email to see that there were so many beautiful images. Thank you for sharing the images you created. Art is an important way for us to share the beauty that we find all around us, and each of the photographers in this contest did that so well.
“The winning image uses many elements of design to draw in the viewer. The trees create lovely symmetry of shape and leading lines. Your eye is drawn directly to the fence posts in the centre. Well done!”
Gabrielle’s photo will be displayed at the library and she will receive a canvas copy to keep.

Gabrielle Chappellaz’s black and white scenic was the winning entry in the Portage La Prairie Regional Library Teen Photo Contest. Gabrielle Chappellaz photo

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