Manitoba Airshow clears turbulence

Short of announcing blue skies for its July 7-8 Manitoba Airshow 2018 during an open house March 16, organizers unveiled a well-organized two-day program that accounts for up to 10,000 visitors each day for the high octane entertainment.

Organizers have pulled from the best plans from past shows and have heeded organizational pitfalls, too.

There will be parking for 10,000 cars each day and an organized approach to getting patrons in and out. What was otherwise a brilliant show in the air in 2016, but might be remembered by many for the problems on the ground getting to and from. Some never made it.  Gone will be the headache of long lines to enter and exit the venue that in 2016 saw the lineup at times extend east to Elie on Hwy. 1 and gridlocked from well before Portage la Prairie.

Instead, visitors can expect an orderly plan consisting of several roads in/out including a VIP avenue all can buy into. Much of the plan hinges on getting your tickets – now on sale – in advance.

KF Aerospace and Southport are co-organizers of the Manitoba Airshow 2018. Peter Fedak, KF Aerospace site manager and Southport CEO Peggy May are co-chairs. Fedak quickly explained the airshow committee has military, airshow and indepth knowledge and experience with the Southport facility. It’s a win-win-win combination for a successful airshow.

“To put on a successful airshow,” Fedak said, “you need planes, parking and porta potties. We’re taking very good care of all of those.”

Food trucks and a beer garden round out the bucket list.

A video of the open house can be viewed on the Manitoba Airshow Facebook page

Airshow traffic plans Peter Fedak
Airshow co-chair Peter Fedak explains plans for the 2018 July 7-8 show at Southport. Mickey Dumont/Citizen photo

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