Manitoba Infrastructure urges Manitobans to take precautions on waterways

Amphibex ice breakerProvincial operations underway on Assiniboine and Red Rivers

Manitoba Infrastructure is urging people to be careful while venturing onto all rivers and streams in the province at this time of year, as temperature fluctuations could result in ice that is thinner than expected.
Manitoba’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre is reporting the outflow from Shellmouth Reservoir is gradually decreasing as part of normal operations to maintain the desired spring and summer level on the reservoir.
The current outflow is being reduced to 100 cubic feet per second (cfs) from 500 cfs, which will result in a two-to-three foot water level decrease on the Assiniboine River from Shellmouth to the town of Russell, and one to two ft. from Russell to Brandon.  The decrease will amount to between zero and one ft. as the lower river flow reaches Winnipeg in about two weeks.
The province will continue to monitor conditions on the upper Assiniboine River, as well as downstream river levels, and may revise the outflow if conditions change.
Meanwhile, the ice-jam mitigation program has started on the Red River north of Winnipeg.  Ice cutting is underway, with the Amphibex fleet and support equipment being transported north of Selkirk to begin the first section of icebreaking near Netley Lake today.


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