New Portage la Prairie restaurant, Mole Guacamole makes Top 10 provincial list

Alicia and Roberto Hernandez, owners of Mole Guacamole. Mickey Dumont/Citizen photo


Mole Guacamole is one restaurant that leaves a good taste in your mouth. A newcomer on Portage la Prairie’s culinary scene, Mole Guacamole has made #6 on Travel Manitoba’s September Top 10 list of Manitoba restaurants and concepts “that will inspire you to try something new this season!”

Owned and operated by Alicia and Roberto Hernandez Mole Guacamole is quickly becoming a favourite go-to dining experience here.

“Craving Mexican cuisine? Take the drive to Portage la Prairie! Mole Guacamole is a new arrival to the city, bringing with it a delectable menu of Mexican food favourites: tacos, tortilla soup, enchiladas…yum!”, Travel Manitoba gushed in its review.

Located at 177 Saskatchewan Ave. W. Mole Guacamole opened on July 2 and has been busy since. So busy, the restaurant has had to adjust its hours of operation to give the kitchen more time to prepare for its customers who have been craving authentic Mexican cuisine in the city.

In June 2015 the family opened Flavours of Mexico restaurants in Plum Coulee and Winkler but shuttered the Plum Coulee restaurant after learning the two were competing against each other.

Winkler is still in operation

A daughter, Arely, and brother-in-law Omar Rodriguez operate the Winkler restaurant. Next came a Chilliwack, B.C., restaurant run by son Salvador Fernandez named Alicia’s Flavours after his mother and another by daughter Luz, in Canal Flats, B.C. named Casa Chef.

The menus at all four restaurants are based on what Alicia learned in Mexico City at her grandmother’s apron with minor changes to reflect local preferences.

The husband and wife team agree, “why change? People are enjoying the menu,” but concede chicken — a Portage la Prairie favourite — will be more prominent on the menu.

“All my kids know my food,” explains Alicia. “I taught them and these are what works on the menu. My grandmother taught me and I love to cook. Customers have been asking for chicken tacos and I’m thinking of making it.”

Roberto and Alicia have just returned from Mexico City and used the trip to shop for decor. The restaurant has evolved in the short time since it has opened. While Alicia is ruling the kitchen, Roberto has been known to — frequently — cranks up the Latin music and break into song and dance.

“I am so happy,” Alicia said. “Our restaurants are always popular, but never this popular, this fast. I never expected it.”

Mole Guacamole seats 28. The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., closes for two hours to prepare for the supper rush and opens again from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Mole Guacamole will begin opening Sundays with a buffet starting Oct. 20 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“The people keep coming, coming, coming,” Roberto said. “Thank you Portage. That you Manitoba.”

“I’m so happy,” adds Alicia. “We really appreciate all of the support. The food is fresh and made from scratch — I made it. I think people enjoy it and I’m happy they do because I love making it.”


Here is the link to story celebrating Mole Guacamole’s opening:

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