PCs elected to 2nd majority government

Three-time Portage MLA Ian Wishart reacts to news he has been re-elected. Mickey Dumont/Citizen photo


Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister has led his party to a second term as a majority government.

The 2019 Manitoba general election was held on Sept. 10, to elect the 57 members of the 42nd Manitoba Legislature.

Led by Premier Brian Pallister, the incumbent Progressive Conservatives lost only two seats and were re-elected to a second majority government. Led by Wab Kinew, the NDP gained six seats. The Liberals, led by Dougald Lamont, won three seats, but lost official party status, losing a seat in northern Manitoba.

The provincial PCs won 36 of a possible 57 seats doubling the 18 the provincial NDP will sit on for this mandate. The Manitoba Liberals dropped from four to three seats and the Green Party failed to gain a toe hold in Manitoba.

“A PC majority government sends a very strong message that we’re on the right track,” now three-time Portage MLA Ian Wishart said as it was announced his government has rolled to a second majority mandate. “Especially on the financial side. I hear that from a lot of people that they want to see Manitoba get back to a balanced budget situation so we don’t spend all our money out of the province in paying debts.”

The veteran MLA and one-time cabinet minister admits there are challenges the newly elected PC government will face. “We want new businesses — we’ve had some success here in Portage I think the rest of the province would love to share in that but we also have some challenges. Like every province in the country, the meth crisis is a challenge and every city is showing some sign of that. So that’s something we too have to deal with and there are some things that have worked reasonably well the RAAM clinics (Rapid Access to Addictions Medicine Clinic) that we initiated have had fairly high uptake. We’re looking to do something like that in the central region and hopefully here in Portage. It’s something that we need to look.”

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