Portage doesn’t rank in worst roads campaign

The Portage Citizen

Apparently Portage potholes and bumps aren’t making the grade in this year’s CAA Manitoba Worst Roads campaign.

Except for Provincial Road 247 at LaSalle and Provincial Road 450 at Boissevain, as of April 2 the Top 10 worst roads in Manitoba honours all go to Winnipeg, so far.

Manitoba winters are cruel on street and highway infrastructure and Portage la Prairie has its fair share of pothole-filled crumbling streets with ruts running down the middle and puddles on the sides, but not bad enough to make the top 10.

In the seven years CAA Manitoba has been polling Manitobans to learn where the worst roads are, no Portage road has made the top 10.

Now into its second week of its annual campaign, CAA Manitoba says over 500 roads have been nominated by Manitobans including votes by Portagers indicating repairs need to be done at 8 St., 3 St. and Crescent Road.

This is CAA Manitoba’s seventh annual Worst Roads campaign. Last year a record 8,400 votes were tallied and early numbers this year are the highest ever.

Provincial Road 239 at Faulkner earned the dubious title as voted on in CAA Manitoba’s worst roads campaign.

To vote visit CAA Manitoba campaign site at https://caaworstroads.com/clubs/manitoba/vote/

Voting is open until midnight on April 18.