Universities across Canada will again be competing at Southport in the Unmanned Systems Canada UAS Student Competition.

Southport said Friday 12 teams will compete in Phase 2 of the 10th Annual Unmanned Systems Canada UAS Student Competition on May 4-6 at Southport.

The students are faced with simulated real-life scenarios where each team is a “company” and makes a pitch as to why the customer should select their product to solve the problem. Students first create a design and technical plan in Phase 1 and then live-test their newly constructed UAS (also commonly referred to as drones) in Phase 2.

This year’s competition scenario is safety and security themed. The students must complete the scenario which involves assisting law enforcement members who have been called to the scene of a suspected crime operation. The building is suspected to contain several gang members, a large supply of drugs and weapons, and is defended. Officers are reluctant to approach the house, which has no protected avenue of approach, without a good understanding of the threat.

The students must use their UAS to conduct surveillance and search for simulated evidence.

Teams are judged based on how well they complete the tasks and present their findings. The winners of the competition are celebrated at an awards banquet at the end of the competition weekend.

The public is invited to attend the competition weekend at the Flightline Building – 175 Musketeer Road W, Southport, MB.