Herman Prior Activity Centre Executive Director Chris Dumont, left, and Tool Library Organizer Yvette Cuthbert take a look at a project Tool Library volunteers will construct. SUPPLIED PHOTO

Submitted — Following a hugely successful February turnout at an open house to learn if there is interest in opening a tool library at the Herman Prior Activity Centre, organizers and volunteers met last light to firm up details and to announce the library is a go.
“You can take out tools today,” said Yvette Cuthbert, an organizer with the tool library. The tool selection is not anywhere near where it will be as the library matures, but the library is open for business.
“We ask that you give the library 24-hour notice so we can make sure a volunteer will be available,” she said.
The tool library is staffed by volunteers. More volunteers are needed to make sure the tool library can expand the availability of its tools and there are always volunteer opportunities elsewhere in the centre, too. Volunteers at last night’s meeting expressed interest in leading workshops. “We have some space and this is possible,” Cuthbert said.
“You have to be a member,” said Chris Dumont, executive director at the centre. “The cost is $25 for an annual membership, but only $15 if you are a member of the Herman Prior Activity Centre. Membership does have its benefits!”
There will be a nominal rental fee of between $1- $7 for a seven-day period and will function as a traditional library. You pay for an annual membership for the privilege of signing out available tools. If tools are not returned on time, the member will be charged a late fee.
The premise of a tool library is not to supply contractors, but the handy homeowner involved in a do-it-yourself project.
“You don’t have to own every tool that’s out there,” Cuthbert said. “Most drills are used for only 15 minutes, so this is a great way to share resources.”
“The success of the tool library at the Herman Prior Activity Centre hinges on the strength of its volunteer base. The Herman Prior Activity Centre is always looking for volunteers in many capacities to keep the centre running smoothly. Now those with an interest in tools as it relates to the home handy person can explore another volunteer avenue here at the centre,” Dumont said
The Herman Prior Activity Centre is also looking for tool donations to build stock and availability on the tool library.