Tool shed concept embraced at Herman Prior open house

After a successful open house on Feb. 16, organizers of a potential tool library/community shed are buoyed and ready to take the next step.

Chris Dumont, executive director at the Herman Prior Activity Centre where over 70 local citizens participated in the open house said following the day-long event: “it was very successful and we will be moving to step two. This is from the encouragement we received from the many who came to take in the open house.”

Yvette Cuthbert was the main organizer and also ran a tiling workshop. “This participation level is promising. We had the information day to gauge interest and gather input from those who would find a tool library/community shed a useful addition to services in Portage la Prairie.”

The 9 4 p.m. open house featured workshops, speakers, a chilli lunch, trade show and a chance to add your thoughts on how a tool library/community shed would best serve the community and how to make it a reality!

“We have space here,” Cuthbert said of the Herman Prior Activity Centre. “They’ve put out a call to their members and the community in general, that if you have tools that you’re not using, you can come donate them.”

There are no final plans and organizers continue to seek input on how to best approach establishing a tool library/community shed here.

“We haven’t even decided what would be the best way to go about keeping track of items borrowed or even how long they can be borrowed for. What we do know is there is a need to borrow tools. We heard this isn’t necessarily about a special or unusual tool,” she said.

“Not only does a tool library make tools more accessible and affordable, but it’s also environmentally friendly,” Cuthbert said. “You can put your car in your garage instead of storing all your tools!”

“We are looking for your input. I really think a Tool Library /Community Shed, would be a win-win for Portage in so many ways. Suggestions and ideas are encouraged,” Dumont said.

For more information go to and the Portage la Prairie Tool Library Facebook page, there are examples of how some other tool library policies, etc.

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