Work on the causeway underway

Work on the causeway underway

Maple Leaf Construction moved onsite June 3 to begin construction of the Crescent Lake Causeway. Mickey Dumont/Citizen photo

Ready or not, like it or not, work on the new almost $10 million-dollar causeway is underway.

Last week Maple Leaf Construction moved a mobile office onsite, earth, gravel and substrate are being put in place to increase the width of the present causeway in advance of the bridge being torn down. Trees on both sides of the project have been removed as part of site preparation.

The boat ramp and causeway are now part of a construction zone that will be completed sometime in 2021.

From the City of Portage la Prairie website:

Crescent Lake Causeway Construction

A contract has been awarded to Maple Leaf Construction for the construction of the Crescent Lake Causeway. It is anticipated that work will commence on June 3, 2019. The project will be completed in three phases.

Phase 1 – 2019 Construction

  • The gravel roadway on the existing temporary causeway will be widened to two lanes with a pedestrian path. Some trees will be removed.
  • Later in the summer, the Island Park Bridge will be closed and removed. Placement of new causeway rock fill material will follow. Perforated vertical drains will be installed to increase the settlement rate of the lake bed soil. Traffic will be detoured to the temporary causeway during this phase of construction.
  • This work is anticipated to be complete by late fall. Traffic will then be diverted to the new gravel surface until spring of 2020.

Phase 2 – 2020 Construction

  • Starting in late spring, construction of the gravel base for the roundabouts at each end of the new causeway, installation of new larger diameter culverts, and stacked block facing walls will begin. Vehicular and pedestrian traffic will again be diverted to the temporary roadway and pedestrian corridor on the existing causeway.
  • Once the culverts have been installed, construction of the remainder of the new road granular base will take place. Traffic will again be diverted to the new gravel surface until summer of 2021.

Phase 3 – 2021 Construction

  • Starting in the early summer, construction of the road pavement and concrete curbs; installation of a new active transportation pathway; roadway lighting; and finished landscaping (grass, trees, shrubs and benches) will take place. It is anticipated that this work will be complete by late summer of 2021.

Pedestrian and Traffic Control

Maple Leaf Construction will be responsible for all temporary traffic control and site safety. This will include signage, barricades, and flag persons to ensure that vehicles and pedestrians can safely navigate through the area during construction.

Every effort will be made to minimize disruption to the public, particularly during times when special events are happening in the area. Access to and from the Island will generally be maintained at all times, with only short periods of road and pedestrian access closures.

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